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Give a little. Get a lot. That’s the basic idea behind the TSFC membership program. If you are an editor, producer, student, or anyone that has a consistent need for free footage, the membership program may be a good fit for you.

TSFC’s membership program is designed to be a platform for members to exchange footage with each other. By uploading a few clips per week, each member is able to share their videos with other members from all over the world, thus giving you access to an entire library of videos for next to nothing.


TSFC was established in 2013 and is designed to be a resource for media professionals and novices alike. TSFC is an excellent place for both videographers looking to sell their stock videos and video clips and those who need to purchase that perfect shot to put their video over the top. By providing industry leading flexibility and the highest payouts in the business, TSFC has created an environment where both the shooter and the consumer can get more for less.

Be a member in 3 easy steps and start creating and downloading stock footage:

  • Sign up for the program that best meets your needs
  • Log in
  • Upload or Download videos according to your needs

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